Florida Woman Finds Live Frog in Her Salad

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Screenshot from WFTV.com
It's not easy eating green.
It's dinner time and you break out the bag of delicious fresh greens for a nice healthy salad. Suddenly you see something pink inside the bag of lettuce. You look closer and see a tiny little amphibious hand. Then you see movement. Grossed out, you lose all your good feelings about vegetables.

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No, that's not some freaky Halloween tale. That incident happened to a woman in Minneola, Florida, last week. According to WFTV.com, Dwanita Pitman was about to open a package of Market Side salad, purchased at a local Walmart, when she noticed a tiny little live frog in the package.

Pitman called her husband down to investigate (the home video is pretty funny), then called the FDA and WFTV. The FDA did investigate the incident.

In an interview with WFTV, Pitman said she Googled similar incidents and will not sue because her family didn't open and eat any of the frog-laced product. She did say that the frog/lettuce blend was a close call because had they eaten some of the greenery they could have been "eating frog piss or whatever."

Pitman also said that she realizes some people do eat frog legs, but not her family. "They say frogs are protein, but I don't want that kind of protein."

Walmart released a statement about the frog, saying, "This fails to meet our high standards of quality food at every level." Well, unless you're into some freaky Halloween surprises, that is.

This isn't the first time a live frog was found in a bagged salad. Last year, a California woman was surprised when a live frog jumped out of her Costco salad. That woman named the frog Dave and kept him as a pet.

No word on whether the Pitman family let poor little Kermit go free.

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