DIG Relocates to New Digs in Downtown Delray Beach

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DIG Restaurant has relocated from its West Atlantic Avenue location to the heart of Downtown Delray Beach, taking over the location suddenly vacated by Atlantique Cafe just before the Delray Tastemakers back in August.

On the one hand, it is a somewhat paradoxical move for the locavore-type establishment, as it will be moving farther from the local farms located out west from which it gets its produce. On the other hand, downtown is where the patrons are and there's not much point in bringing farm to table if the table is too far from the customers.

This is always the challenge for the locavore movement when setting up shop in urban and suburban areas. Luckily for DIG (which stands for Doing It Green) being 3.8 miles further from the farms won't make much difference. It will make a huge difference to their customers and to all the downtown diners who will now be able to stroll through the front doors.

"We decided there were more people who ate organic downtown," says owner Robert Greenfield. "It is really a gorgeous spot with indoor/outdoor seating, a coffee lounge, a wine bar, a liquor bar. This place has its own parking which you don't really find downtown and if you sit outside you're by a fountain."

The old location on West Atlantic Avenue where DIG resided for a little over a year was somewhat lacking in charm and atmosphere even if it was closer to the farms that Greenfield says he visits every few days for most of the fresh produce.

"What was becoming very obvious was that we needed to be where the people who eat organic are. We have a regular customer who comes in everyday. He walked here today from his office and he used to have to drive down."

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DIG Restaurant

777 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

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