Bettencourt Dairies: Burger King Supplier Exposed Abusing Cows (Grueling Video)

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Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the abuse that takes place in the industrial food system. Public outrage has reached a fever-pitch. Due to consumer demand, many corporations and state governments (including Florida) have even begun banning gestation crates--those tiny containers used to hold female pigs during pregnancy--which is cited as one of the most inhumane practices in factory farming. Miami-based Burger King is one of those businesses that complied with consumer demand. Earlier this year, the company pledged that by 2017, all of its pork and even eggs will come from free-range animals. Score one for the animals. Right?

Well, maybe not. The fast food giant is now under scrutiny again for an undercover video recorded by Mercy For Animals: regarding dairy cows.

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The video, was secretly recorded at Burger King cheese supplier, Bettencourt Dairies in Murtaugh, Twin Falls County, Idaho. It documents workers beating, kicking, jumping on, shocking, and even cruelly twisting tails to intentionally inflict pain. Sick and injured cows were recorded suffering with open wounds and broken bones. One downed cow was even videoed being dragged by a tractor.

The recording has led to criminal animal cruelty charges against three employees: including a manager. Farmworker Jose Garza's pre-trial date has been set for Tuesday October, 16. The manager Jose Acensio and the other employee, Javier Rojas-Loayza have yet to be caught.

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That's so sad. Those poor cows. How anyone could do such horrible things to any animal is beyond me. 


Lets tie those guys up and beat the crap out of them, --- see how they like it! I can't believe people are treating animals like that...

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