World Vegetarian Day is Monday, October 1: Five Sexy Celebrity Vegetarians

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You'd eat tofu if she cooked it for you, right?

Bacon's domination of the internet may lead one to believe otherwise, but there are folks in this world who don't dig on the swine. Or the beef, chicken, turkey, and fish, for that matter. For these non-meat-eaters, World Vegetarian Day, October 1, is the time to shine. The date -- which happens to fall on a Meatless Monday, nonetheless -- kicks off the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month.

Take heart, fair veggies of the world. We're in good company (Yes; I am one of the aforementioned bunny-huggers). There are some seriously smart, talented, and really, really, really ridiculously good-looking famous people in our ranks. Here are five of 'em.

5. Anne Hathaway
Ms. Hathaway (above) credits a healthy new plant-based diet for helping her to get in shape for The Dark Knight Rises. Did you see her in that catsuit? The tempeh and seitan worked, Anne. Good god, did they ever.

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Hey, Pattinson: THIS is how you brood.

4. Paul Newman
It's difficult to find substantiated proof that forever-dreamy Paul Newman was a full-fledged vegetarian. But since his line of salsas, pasta sauces, and myriad other products tend to be vegetarian- (and even vegan-) friendly and because he's Paul effing Newman, we're going to go ahead and claim him for our team.

Classy AND compassionate? She's got it all.

3. Kate Winslet
Could there be a more lovely example of a fine English rose than fair Rose DeWitt Bukater? Oh, and her hot Titantic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is a veg, too. Doubt you'd kick either one out of bed for eating crackers with vegan cheese.

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