Win a Million Bucks For Inventing a New Potato Chip Flavor

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Lay's via Facebook
Got a flavor idea? You could win a million bucks.
If you and your stoner friends have ever wasted away an entire Saturday eating chips and thinking up ways to make an easy million bucks...this contest is for you!

The good people at Lay's potato chips are in dire need of a new flavor for their potato chips and they're willing to shell out some good money to the person who comes up with the winning idea. 

The chip company, with the help of Michael Symon and Eva Longoria (does she even eat potato chips), is offering a cool million (or 1% of the profits from sales of the new chip) to the person who comes up with the best idea in their "Do us a Flavor" contest. Two runner ups will each win $50,000, and each day 20 entrants will be chosen randomly to receive $50 and a bag of Lay's.

To submit a flavor, visit the contest's Facebook page, where you'll be asked to name your creation and the three ingredients that comprise the flavor (Hint: that liver/broccoli/strawberry ice cream combo probably won't cut it).

The contest runs through October 6, so think fast and come up with a winner (we're thinking bacon/buffalo sauce/pizza).  Complete rules are here.

Watch Michael and Eva pitch the contest:

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