Thasos Greek Taverna in Fort Lauderdale: First Look

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Christine Capozziello
Thasos' shrimp saganaki prepared with Metaxa and lemon.
A drop kick from the ocean a few blocks north of downtown Fort Lauderdale's waterfront hustle, you'll find Thasos Greek Taverna -- the new Greek restaurant from first-time restaurateurs Gus Leontarakis and Sophia Mylona. The building at the corner of A1A and Oakland Park Boulevard was once a Denny's but has been converted into a white, statuesque establishment. Inside, the owners are going for an elegant, modern-chic take on Greek cuisine.

Thasos opened August 8., a long-time coming for the Greek-born co-owners who began planning it several years ago when they longed for a dining experience similar to food they prepared at home.

"We always found ourselves going to Miami for good food, and most of the time we would end up just eating dinner at home seven days a week," says Mylona. "You pay a lot of money [when you go out], and too often you don't get anything worth the price. If I go out, I don't want to compromise. I want the same quality of food that I'd prepare for myself at home. And that is why we created Thasos." They named the restaurant after Leontarakis' birthplace, Thasos, a Greek island famous for its wine, seafood, and olive oil.

To shape the menu, Mylona, who has a degree in nutrition from New York University, worked alongside consulting chef Giorgio Bakatsias. Thasos' kitchen is run by executive chef William D'Auvray, from Raleigh, North Carolina, who aims for simple, rustic cuisine without the need for heavy sauces, creams, or dressings.

Christine Capozziello
Thasos interior features soft, muted pastels as interior lights dim and change color.

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Thasos Greek Taverna

3330 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Blah, blah. Why do rich people always open restaurant that give you too small a portion for too high a price? It makes you wonder how they got rich. Luck I guess.

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