Sur la Table Cooking School to Open in Mizner Park

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Even with the Food Network offering meal plans and tutorials 24/7, not everyone feels at ease in the kitchen. Some of us have nightmares about hosting a dinner party, trying to look composed in front of guests while managing rambunctious children and messy eaters (ahem, Grampa). Wah! We need Giada De Laurentiis right by our side.

Minus that happening, a class or two in the culinary arts might be just the confidence-booster needed to whip up a savory, homemade meal. Luckily, Sur la Table, a Seattle-based kitchen retailer, is rolling out a new store and cooking school, slated to open

in Mizner Park (438 Plaza Real, Boca Raton) just before Halloween (Wednesday, October 21). Sur la Table is known for its extensive line of quirky kitchen tools and trusty essentials (already available at the Coconut Creek location).

Classes will be taught by a classically trained chef who was yet to be announced and will focus on cooking techniques and incorporating seasonal produce into meals. Courses are priced at $59 to $100 and will range from beginner to advanced skill levels, including offerings for child and teen chefs. Classes will run about two hours long and will wrap up with a tasting of classroom-made dishes. Typical classes include "Fresh Pasta Workshop," "Everything's Better With Bacon," "Mediterranean Fish," and "Fall Chef's Table." Private classes are also available.

The 5,798-square-foot cooking school and storefront offers enough space for private parties as well.  For more, visit

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Clean Plate Charlie
Clean Plate Charlie

There is a link to their website in the blog post. If you attend a class, please check back with us and let us know how it went.


$245 for a Le Creuset dutch oven? I am happy with my Tramontina dutch oven for $69. Same weight and design thank you!


If Sur La Table is extremely overpriced like William Sonoma, I am sure it will do well in Mizner. But most of us common folks can't afford to shop at these places.

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