Pez Jesus, KKK, and Pussy Riot: Watch Pez Theatre (Video)

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The Pez Man, Steve White (in Pez jacket).
Steve White is a folk artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico who works out of a studio called The Folk Farm.  Like all artists, White has a favorite medium. Is it oil on canvas? Clay? Nope! It's Pez.

Pez. As in those plastic candy containers that resemble bunnies, Snoopy, or Batman. White transforms ordinary Pez into pieces of art that are displayed and sold in galleries around the world.  

White has created Pez art depicting politicians, musicians, and religious figures and, sometimes, turns them loose onto the stage.  Yes....White also writes and directs Pez Theatre.

Without further ado, we now present some of Whites awesomeness..Plus a very special Pez Theatre in which Jesus teaches the KKK a thing or two about acceptance.
Pez players.

pussy riot pez.jpg
The Folk Farm
Pussy Riot Pez.

pez figures.jpg
The Folk Farm

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