Man Candy and Cupcakes: Hot Bods and Sweet Treats Need Your Money (Video)

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Man Candy. Sweet treats for your workday.
We interrupt this blog to bring you a few shots of nearly naked men holding baked goods (and a video).

Gather up your coworkers, close the door to the office, and allow us to introduce you to Man Candy and Cupcakes, a project led by self-proclaimed "kitchen vixen" Babe Scott.

Scott has written several cookbooks and is now looking for funding for her latest tome -- Man Candy and Cupcakes, a collection of recipes sprinkled with pictures of hot men in boxers and creamy frosting.

What's planned for the book? More than 50 hot bods in various forms of Chippendale-esque goodness. From smoldering Latino lovers to sexy cowboys (we're guessing chaps, hat, and cupcake only), to the baker next door. Oh yes. And some cupcake recipes.

But photo shoots, baking equipment, and tight-fitting boxer briefs cost money (not to mention the salon bills to manscape all the models), so Babe is asking for your help on Kickstarter, that amazing website where you can ask strangers for money to start your website, your food truck, or help with launching your rocket ship in search of intelligent life forms.

So far, Babe has enlisted 38 backers and raised a little more than $2,000. Her goal? $18,000 by October 18.

If you like what you see in the promo video (which is basically hot men suggestively holding up rolling pins and licking frosting off their fingers), then you might consider investing. Twenty-five bucks gets you a copy of the finished e-book, while a paltry $10 gets you a signed photo of one of the sexy man-candy guys to put under your pillow. Sweet!

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