Juiceateria in Boca Raton: Because Drinking Kale Tastes Better Than it Sounds

All photos, Tricia Woolfenden
Employees at the newly-opened Juiceateria juice it up.

Ever talk to a juicer? Not the apparatus (or, for that matter, the kind of athlete who's prone to relying on "special enhancements") but rather, a person who juices? Rest assured, if someone in your life juices, you know about it; people are positively evangelical about this stuff. Must be all the vitamins. Anyhow, local juicers have a new mecca -- Juiceateria, a bright little juice bar that opened August 8 in Royal Palm Place in downtown Boca Raton.

Chelsea Silverman is the health director for Juiceateria and helps develop the recipes for the store's "grab 'n' go" items.

Clean Plate Charlie partook of a few gratis samples of the store's offerings during a media event last Thursday. The store's health director, Chelsea Silverman, was on-hand to discuss the benefits of consuming nutrient-packed juices and smoothies made with whole fruits and vegetables.

Silverman -- whose glowing complexion and fit stature are apt endorsements of the whole foods lifestyle -- has a background in health and nutrition, and attended raw/vegan chef school. She's responsible for developing the recipes for the store's selection of grab 'n' go items, like bright veggie salads and the "guiltless superfood parfait" made with avocado, cacao, and cashew "whipped cream." She also reviews the independently-owned store's recipes for juices and smoothies to make sure they're up to snuff, nutritionally speaking.

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179 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton, FL

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Someone must have taken out the dictionary today! Awful wordy we are huh? Okay Okay Okay... don't get your panties in a bunch...Of "Coarse" Ill take it back... Shes a genius, a GOD SENT... I didn't attack Chelsea, I attacked the thought of her being the only person who has all the answers, because that's how you (mis)represented her. I just thought it was sending the wrong message. While I'm sure Chelsea can offer some guidance, she's not the key to all of your health problems or concerns. I don't think its right to promote just for the sake of promoting! The public should know the truth about what they will actually get when they go to this place. To call me ignorant is ridiculous. Don't act as if you know the extent of my education.  As I stated I took the same "course" as her, and met the woman once. I grilled her with a couple questions and she looked like she had ran out of answers!  She's not above making things up on the fly just to appear to be a know it all! And that my fine sir (or lady) is why I called her a twit. I'M IGNORANT? Sorry I can't tell if you're the pot or the kettle from here??


I think you meant godsend, but that's hella overkill! Come on she took the same raw food coarse that I did. She's not a Holistic Doctor, Doctor of Chinese medicine or even a dietician... She may know the basics but a godsend...Puuuuhhh-lease:-P I met her at Juiceteria and she's a bit of a twit...


Chelsea Silverman is a god sent, she will show you how to live a long healthy life that is free of disease and suffering, and it's all done with the power of food- so you are getting your fuel, building blocks for your tissues, and your medicine all in one!! Food has the power, the power to harm and the power to heal. Let her teach you the ways, it's guilt free food with all the deliciousness you're used to buy without the toxicity. Let's be real, diets and fads do NOT work any way, it's adopting the lifestyle from which we came..and Chelsea is the girl to show you all you'll ever need to know to do so. If you don't know of her, you will not know how much you need to until you hit the Juiceateria in Boca Raton.


@Bobby46 Furthermore, I would like to address the fact that after seven years of study in the areas of biology/physiology and all of the subsystems that animate it. The most amazing thing about Chelsea is that our journeys have brought us to the same conclusion. Of course, it's not a "coarse" that has given us our understanding; understanding is due to perspective and the filters we choose to observe the world around us. Perspective is a Gift from God to man (god send/godsent/gods email, whatever.) Just as Chelsea is a gift to to the people she serves in her life and community. I hope you read this without defense and discern the impurities within yourself to say such twitty words with malintent. Good day, sir.


@Bobby46 eh ehm...If I may, I think you meant food course*. Regardless, your insecurities are evident through just your short amount of condescending, unrighteous, and overall weak comments. Your attempt at projecting yourself as someone with integrity and couth have been over looked to say the least. I'd say the only real twit is you, Bobby. Ignorant comments such as yours speak more about yourself than you ever could, and do absolutely nothing but attempt to defend issues that lay within your ego. Take a few more 'coarses' before you actually begin conversation with someone with a real doctorate degree. Good luck, buddy. You're gonna need it. I could easily go on but I think you've had enough, I have been a little coarse. Lol smh. Also, I'm almost positive hella is not even a word.

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