The Ten Coolest Back-to-School Lunch Boxes

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rambo lunchbox.jpg
No matter what the calendar says, summer is nearly over. Soon, kids all over Florida will be getting up early and turning their brains on for another year of FCATS, book reports, and school lunches.

Your kids feel as passionate about how lunch is carried to school as they do about the sandwich and apple inside the container.

Remember the envy when your best friend came to school toting a Star Wars lunch box and all you had was a paper sack? Don't let that shame and hurt happen to your precious offspring.

Now that you get our point, we present the ten coolest lunch boxes for back to school.

lunch box dump truck.jpg
Dump Truck ($9.99)
What better place for kids to store the baloney lunchables and Pixy Stix they traded your free-range turkey on sprouted bread for than in a dump truck?&

lunch box lego.jpg
Lego ($17.29)
Shaped like our favorite plastic brick, the Lego lunch box is the perfect foundation for building a healthy lunch.

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