Shake Shack To Open in Boca Raton

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Laine Doss
Boca Raton will soon get a Shake Shack of its own.
Shake Shack, the fast casual burger and fries restaurant chain by Danny Meyer, inspires carnivorous lust from the thousands of fans who wait in long lines for their fix of Shack burgers and concretes.

Shake Shack, which features hormone-free all-natural 100% Angus beef burgers, ground daily on location, is opening their third Florida location at University Commons in Boca Raton (1400 Glades Road).

The new Shack, strategically located across from Florida Atlantic University's main campus, will offer the restaurant's famous burgers, along with flat-top grilled hot dogs, crinkle cut fries, concretes and shakes, beer, wine, and even treats for dogs. If prices remain on par with the two Miami locations, expect to pay just under $5 for a single Shack burger and around $5 for a shake.

In keeping with the company's environmentally-friendly stance, the Boca Raton location will be built using recycled and sustainable materials, when possible, and will have an energy-efficient kitchen and LED lighting. 

Shake Shack opened its first location in New York City in 2004 and expanded to south Florida in 2010 with a location on South Beach. A second south Florida Shake Shack recently opened in Coral Gables, across from University of Miami.

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Someone call the police, we have a highway robbery on Glades Road.  Yes this place is a serious rip-off, and frankly I'm not impressed with anything there. 
You are forced to be herded like cattle to wait in long lines because of one of two reasons: the place can't afford to hire another cashier for a whopping $7.25/hr. or the business thinks by having a long line people will actually think the food is really good and therefore they should check it out. 
Nonetheless, when I was there, there were only about 10 people in line but the way they make you lineup, coupled with only one cashier, makes the line much longer then it should be. 
Now you may think after shelling out about $15 for a tiny burger, bland Ore-Ida fries and an okay-at best custard someone would walk your meal over to you, but you would be wrong at Shake Shack.  Seems like they call it Shake Shack because they try to shake you down for as much money as possible while giving you as little as possible!
Aside from the ten minute wait to order this insanely overpriced food along with waiting another 10 minutes for the simple meal to be cooked, you are forced to sit at some really uncomfortable tables.  Yes the "atmosphere" is made up of bare concrete floors, concrete walls, and used, old bowling alley lanes as tables and benches to sit on.  About half the seating is outside which is always "great" in South Florida with 90 degree temps and about 90% humidity most of the year.  Basically, eating on a picnic table at Home Depot would've a better atmosphere than this joint. 
Let's get down to the meat of the matter: the burger is okay but very small, one might even say puny.  The fries are nothing to write home about and everything is ala carte to drive-up the prices as much as possible.  The fries are a joke...I wouldn't be surprised if they're serving frozen Ore-Ida fries at a 300% markup.  And variety doesn't exist at this place: no onion rings, no chicken, no salads...about 10 items on the whole menu.
You could do better at a lot places, like BurgerFi, Elevation Burger, Charm City, etc.  The sauce for the burger was a joke...I honestly think the secret sauce on a Big Mac, aka 1000 island dressing, is better. 
The best thing about the Shake Shack: it has a large exit so I could leave easily and never come back. 

freakerdude i can see if SS is 'all that'!


@dorizinn O.M.G. I have a reason to go to Boca again!! #fatkids rejoice!

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