Orange Julius: It Lives! (Dairy Queen is Reviving the Brand) and Three Other Drinks That Should Have Survived the '80s

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It's not really a smoothie, and it's definitely not a milkshake, but the Orange Julius -- that frothy, creamy, citrusy goodness -- is still something more than just juice.

Most of us became familiar with Orange Julius in the late '80s, when Dairy Queen bought the rights to the original 1920s beverage created by Julius Freed.

For the past couple of decades, it seemed like the independent Orange Julius stands of the '60s and '70s had become a thing of the past -- bad news for those of us wishing they could get their hands on one.

Lucky for us South Floridians, the chain has made a local comeback, opening its most recent Orange Julius DQ in West Palm Beach.

Why the comeback? According to Lane Schmiesing, vice president of brand marketing for the American Dairy Queen Corporation, DQ is working on expanding its brand to include a menu of premium fruit smoothies -- and Orange Julius Originals is the main drink headlining the revival.

"We've been working with Orange Julius as a separate brand for the past 20 years," Schmiesing told Clean Plate Charlie. "And, recently, we've been wanting to make the [drink] more accessible."

To do that, DQ has opened close to 1,000 new locations featuring Orange Julius Originals in several different flavor combinations -- as well as 13 flavorful fruit smoothies in both light and full-calorie versions -- nationwide in the past several months. All 4,500 U.S. locations are slated to be rebranded to include the new smoothie menu by the end of 2013.

While we couldn't be happier to see the return of the Orange Julius, we're sorry we can't say the same about a few more throwback beverages. Keep reading for a list of current South Florida DQ Orange Julius spots, and a look at three more awesome '80s drinks we miss:

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