Happy Birthday, Julia Child! Celebrate Her 100th With the Julia Child Auto-Tune (Video)

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MDCarchives via WikiMedia Commons
Here's the birthday girl, probably saying something utterly charming.
Today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of venerable chef, TV personality, and all-around kick-ass woman Julia Child. No snark here: There's too much to admire about the Francophile gourmand, from her passion for life and excellent food to her prolific career and refusal to let rejection ever slow her down. So how does a person of such stature get properly memorialized in the viral video era? With an Auto-Tuned remix video, of course.

Child has joined the ranks of happy-little-tree painter Bob Ross and everyone's favorite neighbor Mister Rogers in the PBS Digital Studios oeuvre of video remixes. Child's remix is a catchy little number that weaves in a few of her catch phrases and bon mots and a repeated request to "bring on the roasted potatoes."

Oh! To be able to join Child in the kitchen for a platter of rich, buttery 'taters, and a glass of wine. Happy birthday to a true culinary legend and class act. Watch her video below.

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