Is Trader Joe's Coming to Palm Beach Gardens?

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Trader Joe's
Is Trader Joe's coming to PGA Plaza?
Trader Joe's, the supermarket filled with foodstuffs both kitschy and healthful, may be one step closer to having a South Florida outpost, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Sources say the market with a cult following is close to inking a deal with Menin Development, owners of PGA Plaza in Palm Beach Gardens.

Back in January, West Palm Beach city officials were prepared to rename the city Trader Joe's, Florida in the hopes of attracting the tropical-themed market. Broward County also experienced Trader Joe's mania when an online petition was started by local fan Nadine Whiteman.

Though the market chain is showing love to the west coast of Florida (the company currently has a store in Naples and plans to open a location in Sarasota in September), there is no official word on a Joe's on the east coast of our state, nor are there any plans listed on the company's website.

Back in January, Allison Mochizuki in the publicity department at Trader Joe's told Clean Plate Charlie the company had no plans to open in Palm Beach or Broward counties.

Stay tuned to Clean Plate Charlie for Trader Joe's updates as we receive them.

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The word on the news Monday morning was the deal has been years in the making but the recession had stalled it. Now, it is back on

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