The Perfect Egg Timer iPhone App Review

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Want a perfectly cooked yolk? Read about the cheapo app that gets you there.

Clean Plate Charlie's adoration for food and drink is rivaled only by a love of the iPhone and its ability to simultaneously improve and destroy each and every meal.

In the effort to help our readers wade through the inexhaustible sea of food, drink, and dining-related applications available for use on the iPhone and iPad, we will offer semiregular reviews of food apps.

This week's inaugural review is of the Perfect Egg Timer. Details about the application -- and images -- after the jump. Know of an app that we should check out? If so, be sure to leave the recommendation in the comments section.

Start by measuring your egg against the screen on your iPhone. Use the finger-pinch technique to adjust the size of the egg.
The Perfect Egg Timer
Developer: Mirko Muller
Price: 99 cents; Buy it here

Why it's worth it: This is cheap, ridiculously easy to use, and the results of my egg-cooking experiment were a success; the egg came out perfectly cooked, as advertised. Though this is a very simple app, there's a kind of "window to your egg yolk" that lets you track the firmness as it cooks, in case you want to bail early for a softer yolk.

Drawbacks: This calculates times only for soft- or hard-boiling eggs; if you're looking for timing for overeasy or poached, you're out of luck.



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Hi Tricia! I've found a very similar app to this one on the app store, only it looks very nice and sleek! Would you maybe be interested in comparing the two? The other app is called 'Eggstatic' and it looks like they are doing the same thing but differently!
Here is a link:
And they've got a website too:

Hope you find this useful and interesing :)


For those times when you're doing more than just making eggs, it might be worthwhile checking out Elapsed - - a truly versatile multi-timer app which you can use both in the kitchen and outside. Best of all its free!


Pepperplate! ( It's not just a smartphone app, it's also a full website where you can store and share recipes either from popular food blogs or from your own recipe box. I connected my account to my iPhone and iPad and have started importing every recipe I make and wish to keep. It's great for when I'm cooking somewhere else and have easy access to all my recipes no matter whose kitchen I'm in. It also lets you share recipes via Facebook and Twitter. Best part, it's all free.


Hi @lmelegari . I've had Pepperplate for months on my phone, but seldom look at it. The one time I did, I didn't find it to be very useful. But I'll give it a second look. Thanks for the suggestion!

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