Small-Biz Spotlight: Meet HipPops Owner Tony Fellows

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Misha Grosvenor
HipPops owner Tony Fellows.
Every time you hear a honk, a new food truck speeds on the scene. On a weekly basis, there is food-truck roundup after food-truck roundup. Lines are long, temperatures are rising, parking is sometimes a nightmare. Truck options are growing exponentially, but that doesn't mean the quality or creativity is always there.

Like any restaurant, food-truck owners who have a solid concept, great service, and high-quality products are rewarded for their toils. Taking a snapshot poll of who's got the best trucks is easy -- just look at the lines. Lines snaking from the food trucks that have nailed it are sometimes 20 to 30 people deep.

At the end of the day, consumers vote with their dollars. No one understands this concept better than frozen treat veteran and HipPops food-truck owner Anthony "Tony" Fellows.

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Vladimir Vasquez/ VS2 Photography
HipPops specializes in making handcrafted gelato, yogurt, and sorbet pops in hundreds of flavors, like blood-orange sorbet and pistachio gelato, that can be customized with a variety of  Belgian chocolate dips and toppings like caramelized pecans and toasted coconut. All of HipPops' products are free from additives, high-fructose corn syrup, and rBST, a growth hormone used in dairy cows. HipPops is also the nation's only certified kosher dairy truck.

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