Frankie Dogs: Gourmet Veggie Dogs Broiled in Craft Beer!

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Photo: Misha Grosvenor
Frankie Dogs Owner Chris Torlone.
Burnout and frustration are par for the course when it comes to most jobs. But we can choose what to do with that suffocating negative energy: suck it up and stay out of fear, or decide to roll the dice and bet on ourselves for a change?

Frankie Dogs owner Chris Torlone recently faced that decision, and with a nudge from a furry friend, he decided to take a gamble on himself.

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Torlone 's energetic Jack Russel-Chihuahua mix, Frankenstein, was his source of inspiration when he woke up one day and realized that he was stuck in a rut. "Frankenstein just lived his life to the fullest. All of my friends loved him. Back in the day he had more friends on MySpace than I did!," joked Torlone.

Sadly, Frankenstein passed away after a bout with lymphoma but his outgoing spirit provided the extra push that Torlone needed to make a change that was long overdue. He channeled Frankie's positive vibes and decided to take the leap leaving his nearly decade-long career as a hairdresser to pursue his dream of self-employment.

Unhappy with the lack of vegetarian and vegan options available at most food truck round- ups, he launched Frankie Dogs, a gourmet veggie dog stand named after his charismatic canine. Torlone started his business just a few months ago with a simple tabletop set-up which was convenient for various indoor events; recently, he has upgraded to a traditional cart.

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Always love seeing this guy around Fort Lauderdale. Those are some damn tasty hot dogs...


I too enjoy cooking with craft beer. I always pour a swamp ape or a dogfish head 90 into my batches of vegetarian chili! I am looking forward to trying one of these dogs.

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