The Produce Chick in Boca Raton: Fresh Veggies and CSA Baskets for Sale

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CSA baskets ready for pick-up.
With the Ellenville Garden Center's Thursday Moonlit Farmers Market on hiatus for the next few weeks during renovations, Boca Raton locals who subscribe to CSA baskets from Farmer Jay and the Produce Chick might have worried they wouldn't be getting their baskets.

There was no need to worry, of course, as the Produce Chick, a.k.a. Denia McCobb, would never leave her subscribers in the lurch. She will still be at the Ellenville Garden Center every Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. every week, and the moonlight market will resume in full force on September 27.

The rest of you might be left wondering what a CSA basket even is.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Though the precise nature of a CSA has changed over the years from people buying shares in a farm to subscribing to weekly produce baskets, the basic concept allows local farmers to easily market and sell their produce to nearby residents. This helps the farmer by providing a steady source of income, helps the consumers who are receiving the freshest produce in season, and helps the environment by conserving the fossil fuels that would otherwise be used to transport produce to faraway markets.

The Produce Chick's CSA is a little different in that she sources from a few different farms including that of her husband, Farmer Jay.

She explains how it works in an email:
"I sell produce baskets once per week or biweekly for $35 a basket (including 1dz eggs). I sell ONLY organic produce and eggs and I make every possible effort to obtain them only from local and/or Florida farmers. I do at times have to order from GA, NC and at times even CA and WA. Somethings we just don't grow in our climate. I will NEVER carry conventional produce or any produce items from outside of the US. (Vegan baskets are also available, meaning no eggs for $30.)

The items in the produce baskets can vary from basket to basket because some of the items are harvested that morning from our own farm. Therefore, we may only have 10 eggplants ready to harvest, 5 peppers, mustard greens enough for only 6 bundles etc.... so I would then split the limited items between the baskets evenly so that everyone receives at least one of the three items from our farm in that week's basket."
But there are a couple of considerations. First, with the current level of demand there are no deliveries so you must be available to pick up your basket and return the empty one on Thursdays. Second, the CSA subscription is a commitment. You pay a week ahead (or two weeks ahead if you're on the bi-weekly pick-up) so you are essentially giving a $35 deposit to begin with.

Of course, all of that isn't really much to ask when the reward is a huge basket of fresh, local, organic produce.

For more information or to sign up for a CSA basket of your very own, send an email to

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I used to love it.  I'm now with My Organic Food Club in Boca Raton and I'm happy with them as well!

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