How to Series: Clay Conley Makes Us a Tuna Foie Gras Slider

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Clay Conley has had a busy year this year. On top of his James Beard nod, he opened another restaurant, Imoto, the 'little sister' to his highly acclaimed Buccan. And he had the number one pick of our 100 Favorite Dishes. That being said, he decided to give us the inside scoop on the recipe for one of his favorite dishes: Imoto's tuna foie gras slider.

Step One
Season the tuna and foie gras with salt and pepper.

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Step Two
Make a mango salsa. Combine chopped mango, diced fresh jalapeno, diced red pepper, and cilantro. Season with fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

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Step Three
Grill the tuna and foie gras.

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Step Four
While the tuna and foie gras are cooking, melt some butter in a pan. Throw in the slider bun until nicely toasted.

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Step Five
Assemble the slider. Between the buns, layer the tuna, foie gras, and mango salsa.

Photo Courtesy of Elan Creative Communications

Step Six

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