Shooters Will Remain Open Despite Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Shooters is staying alive.
Back in March of 2012, two companies associated with waterfront restaurant Shooters filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to the South Florida Business Journal, Roscoe, LLC (DBA Shooters) and BIMA, LLC filed for bankruptcy protection following a $10.5 million foreclosure lawsuit filed by FirstBank against BIMA, LLC, the company that owns the property that both Shooters and Bootleggers sits on.

About a month later, Shooters owner John Wile filed for personal Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection allows a company, or person, to restructure debt with the help of a trustee appointed by the court. Debts are generally not forgiven, but a company is usually allowed to continue to operate, with the goal of becoming financially healthy in the future.

We recently learned that Chapter 11 filings for Roscoe, LLC and BIMA, LLC have been converted to Chapter 7 filings on July 10, which usually signifies a liquidation of assets in order to pay debts. We did not confirm the status of the John Wile's personal bankruptcy.

But fans of the waterfront restaurant's food, drinks, and hot body contests need not panic. According to Shooters' controller Lauren DaVila, the restaurant will continue to operate, despite the Chapter 7 bankruptcy. According to DaVila, the court wants the iconic restaurant to stay open, but with a trustee monitoring the operations.

Whatever the financial logistics of the restaurant that's been operating since 1982, boaters will continue to tie up at the establishment's dock on weekends for a cold beer and a bite.

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Shooters Waterfront Cafe

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Laine, I like how you mention that it's an iconic restaurant. I know that bankruptcy is different for everyone, but this is probably very good news for several groups. I wonder what would have happened to the employees and their families if the restaurant had closed. There's no sense harming them in light of their boss's failure. I'm glad that a fair settlement is being reached. 

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