Philippe by Philippe Chow Closes in Boca Raton

Philippe by Philippe Chow closes Boca location.
Philippe by Philippe Chow in Boca Raton: Polished Service, Lively Crowd, Fair Prices
After Chow vs. Chow, will Las Olas see Philippe?

Philippe by Philippe Chow has closed its Boca Raton doors, just missing the one-year anniversary mark.

The upscale Chinese eatery opened on August 24, 2011 to much expectation by Boca residents looking forward to having the New York celebrity hangout bring a touch of Big Apple-style to the neighborhood.

The restaurant got a good start and some major publicity when Jennifer Lopez was seen getting Philippe's chow delivered to her suite at the Boca Raton Resort & Country Club while she was filming on location.

CEO Stratis Morfogen was so bullish on South Florida, that he re-opened a Philippe by Philippe Chow in South Beach in November 2011, with plans for a third location in Fort Lauderdale to open in mid-2012. But an expensive lawsuit, filed by rival restaurant Mr. Chow, which ended in both sides claiming victory, might have proved too much both financially and emotionally for the restaurateur's plans to expand in South Florida.

In an email to Clean Plate Charlie, Morfogen cited unexpected amounts of time, money, and stress that were expended on the above mentioned lawsuit.

"The closing of our Boca Location was as a result of Philippe Chow's and my inability to focus on the opening of two new restaurants in south Florida due to the unexpected time, emotional stress and money we were required to devote to fighting the frivolous lawsuit filed by Michael Chow. Unfortunately, if we had known what we know today we would have never decided to engage in such an aggressive south Florida expansion plan while fighting off these frivolous accusations. Even though we prevailed in the U.S. Federal Courts the cost to defend ourselves was extremely expensive."

At this point, the South Beach location is open for business as usual, with the usual cast of celebrities flocking to dine on green prawns and Peking duck, though it seems unlikely the Fort Lauderdale location will open in the near future.

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Philippe by Philippe Chow

200 E. Palmetto Park , Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL

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Gab Poop Group
Gab Poop Group

Yup they sucked....and i think having Gab Group as their PR was an EPIC FAIL...coz they put out médiocre designs and go around claimin they are the best....ppl want what they pay for...not same designs being repeated over and over....LAME


The Boca restaurant just flopped... didn't have to do with a single thing mentioned in the article by the "CEO".   I ate there a few times, food + service were always extremely mediocre while prices were extremely high... this may work in some markets (NYC + South Beach) but it won't work in Boca or Fort Lauderdale.  They have the EXACT same failed formula that China Grill has (had) -- charge incredibly high prices and deliver subpar food and service.  


Morfogen's reasons above are not the real reasons...This restaurant was terrible. Look up its reviews on Yelp.

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