Obama, Mickey Mouse, and Jesus: Wake Up to Five Awesome Toasters

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toast elvis.jpg
Elvis has left the toaster.
Clean Plate Charlie is a closet Gleek. That's right... we've just lost any street cred by admitting we watch Glee. Look, if we didn't watch it, we would have missed the totally awesome episode in which Finn sees the son of God in his sandwich. That's right, folks! He saw Grilled Cheesus!

We knew some insanely entrepreneurial person would actually invent a Grilled Cheesus machine. What we didn't realize was that there were so many other ways to personalize your morning breakfast bread. But then again... isn't that what internet shopping is all about?

Here is a list of our five favorite ways to start your morning.

toaster virgin mary2.jpg
Virgin Mary Toaster ($29.95) Mother of God, that's good toast! That's what your friends will be saying when you make them breakfast using this handy-dandy device.

toast hellokitty.jpg
Hello Kitty Toaster ($32.99) is the perfect gift for both cute 7-year-old girls and the 40-something-year-old pathetic cat ladies they're bound to turn into.

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