100 Favorite Dishes: No. 5 -- Miracle Fruit From Market 17

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Photo by Misha Grosvenor
5. Miracle Fruit from Market 17

Fort Lauderdale's Market 17 is known for two things: creative farm-to-table cuisine and dining in the dark. Typically, if someone has just eaten at the popular 17th Street restaurant, she is either grinning from ear to ear, eagerly awaiting the chance to tell you about her experience, or she is casually bragging about what she ate and you didn't. "Really? You haven't had elk tartare?" she'll ask in disbelief, barely disguising her schadenfreude.

Market 17's playful Miracle Fruit dessert is a plate that, although somewhat gimmicky, gives a diner instant bragging rights. The tiny West African berry known as miracle fruit contains a protein called miraculin that, when eaten, temporarily affects the tongue's sweetness receptors. The result: Foods that are normally acidic and sour instead taste sweet.

Eating miracle fruit is quite theatrical. First, the waitress brings out a small porcelain dish with a single red berry. You are instructed to eat the flesh of the berry, carefully avoiding the seed. After chewing the tart flesh slowly for couple of minutes, a tray is brought out with an assortment of berries, citrus fruit, and a small piece of chocolate for you to try.

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Photo by Misha Grosvenor
Lemons taste like lemonade. Oranges taste like orange marmalade. Snozzberries taste like snozzberries! It's a marvelous little trick and a fun dish to try in lieu of a cheesecake or tiramisu. The best part about trying Market 17's miracle fruit plate? The next time your foodie frenemy asks if you've had miracle fruit, you can reply, "Of course!" and wipe that smug little grin right off of her face.

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Market 17

1850 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Misha Grosvenor
Misha Grosvenor

I agree. I want my grapefruit tart and tangy. That said, I do appreciate that Market17 has this on their menu because it's another example of how important all of  the senses are when eating and how even our perception can influence taste before we've ever taken a bite. About four or five years ago, Miracle fruit  tasting parties were really popular with foodies though people stateside have flirted with the fruit well before that.  It's nice that if you missed that trend at its height, you can still give it a shot and have kick ass avocado martini while you're at it. Try it out Ted, if you haven't already. You may just discover that super sweet lemons are your new favorite thing. :~) 

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

no, no, no i love the natural taste of fruit, i love if it is tart, it tast's tart....do not change it....i do not understand this concept, Market 17 has great food that should be featured here, not some gimicky ingrediant that changes the natural flavor of fresh fruit, we live in paradise and feature our great local flavors, Market 17 does so many great things, feature what their talented Chef's can do, a great restaurant with a great menu!! 

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