Mango Cocktail Recipes From the Bartender at Mango's

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Bartender Angela Erickson of Mango's Makes us a Mango Martini
The beginning of mango season is great. Fresh juicy mangoes are just falling off trees.Their sweet aroma perfumes the air. Best of all they're widely available and, assuming you've got a pal with a nice tropically-landscaped yard, free.

If said neighbor is wise, he will totally share the bounty because after a while, this mango madness starts to get old. Mangoes are everywhere, tons of them fermenting in the streets. Ugh -- that smell. What can we possibly do with all of these goddamn mangoes?

Here's one option for tastefully disposing of the overabundance of fruit. (Check out our recent recipe for Strawberry-Mango muffins).

Bartender Angels Erickson of -- where else? -- Mango's Las Olas, showed us how to whip up two of the restaurant's signature mango drinks: the $9 mango martini and the $7.75 Mango-lada.

For the Mango Martini:
In a shaker, muddle one slice of fresh mango and an orange wedge. Add an ounce of fresh mango nectar (otherwise known as mango pureed in a blender), a splash of orange juice, a splash of sour mix, and five ounces of citron vodka. Shake well and strain. For the garnish, separate the peel from another wedge of an orange and twist. Drink.

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For the Mango-Lada:
In a blender, combine four ounces of coconut rum, one ounce of pineapple juice, one ounce of coconut crème, an ounce of fresh mango nectar (again, a fancy term for mango pureed in the blender) and ice. Blend the ingredients until the ice is crushed and all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Garnish with a cherry and an orange wedge. And drink again.


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