Eat St. Films Mojo on the Go (Photos)

mojo tony fernandez.jpg
Eat St. films Mojo on the Go owner Tony Fernandez for a show segment.
The parking lot at Sawgrass Recreation Park was pretty much flooded by a fast-moving storm that dumped several inches of rain in a matter of minutes, but that didn't stop a large crowd of people from heading over to the gateway to the Everglades for a taste of traditional Deep South cuisine and a chance to be on television.

Mojo on the Go owner Tony Fernandez and his entire family (including brother Rondo Fernandez, who owns Mojo Grill in Ocala) were working the truck, feeding the lines of people who were there to eat gator tail ($12), Makers Mark-marinated chicken wings ($11), and hound dogs ($6) while Cooking Channel's Eat St. filmed a segment highlighting the food truck.

mojo briskett.jpg
Big Boy brisket sandwich from Mojo on the Go
We got in on the action, eating a Big Boy brisket sandwich, freshly sliced from meat cooking low and slow for hours on the grill that Fernandez set up in front of his truck.

mojo spicysoftshellcrab.jpg
Tourists waiting for an airboat ride got a chance to taste gator and frog legs before seeing them in their natural habitat, while the production crew filmed happy faces -- most smeared with barbecue sauce. An off-menu favorite is the spicy soft shell crabs -- available only in season.

The Mojo on the Go episode of Eat St. will air sometime in early 2013 as part of the show's fourth season. Clean Plate Charlie will let you know the exact air date when we receive the information.

mojo truckcrew.jpg
Mojo on the Go keeps it all in the family.

mojo momordering.jpg
Neville and Zeboia Finley describe their lunch for the cameras.

mojo lainefilming.jpg
Yours truly, Laine Doss of Clean Plate Charlie, eats a Big Boy brisket on camera.

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two miles north of I-75 on U.S. 27, Weston, FL

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