100 Favorite Dishes: # 1 -- Peking Duck Tacos From Imoto

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When you think of Palm Beach, you picture yacht clubs adorned with Ralph Lauren décor, patrons in Brooks Brothers blazers, and ladies in seahorse-embellished Lilly Pulitzer dresses, carrying their white fluffy dogs.

Well, you can scratch all that when Clay Conley is involved.
Conley's newest restaurant, Imoto (Japanese for "little sister") is the Asian extension of his highly acclaimed Buccan. And like Buccan, it is a bastion of normalcy on an island of excess. This upscale yet friendly setting is a place where mere West Palm Beachers can drive over the bridge to enjoy a meal on The Island, and not feel like the redheaded stepchild.

Then there's the food: far from normal. The Japanese inspired menu features out of this world sushi, sashimi, and hot plates. The combinations are imaginative and kind of eccentric. Who else would think to serve north Atlantic fluke sashimi with black truffle ponzu and crispy potato ($16)? Or the ($18) kona kampachi sashimi with avocado, tomato, jalapeno, grape, fried garlic, and yuzu wasabi sauce?

Ironically, our favorite dish does not include fish. It's the $17.50 peking duck tacos served with fresh plum sauce, sesame, and carrots. Now why would we chose a duck taco at a Japanese inspired restaurant? Because it truly is amazing.

If you're not familiar, confit is a method of slow-cooking meat in its own fat. Not the healthiest cooking method in the world, but it is freaking delicious. Conley confits this duck, then quickly fries it to crunchy perfection. He then tops them with scallions, spicy mustard, sweet homemade plum sauce and tangy carrot slaw. Every well-thought-out ingredient adds yet another layer of flavor and texture: cool, warm, spicy, sweet, tangy, savory. One bite of Conley's taco, and you will fall in love. And you'll definitely be a bit heartbroken when its over.

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350 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL

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Barry I agree with your comment, this publication should focus on scandals in South Florida and all together stop writing about food.  They have turned the food section into a total joke.  I once respected and valued the opinions of these writers and now whatever they write about I avoid.    After reading the Ale House lobster review i just had to laugh.  Cafe Boulud and Pizzeria Oceano are fantastic dine there as much as I can.  Have to try Foodshack.  Thanks for the tip Barry. 


Wow, I looked through the top 40 or so dishes listed, what a f..king joke.  Are there kids running the show now, way to many sushi bars, if anyone out there is in to food they know sushi is extremely scary nowadays with  processed sauces, fish smoked with carbon monoxide, salmon, poor inspection reports...nothing is local! (the latest edition of Lucky Peach had a great article on sushi bars) I read the comments on the Ale house Lobster (Maine lobster,  who wants a lobster shipped here when we have great spiny lobster in our waters)  go Vince, your comment was money.  And to boot, I live in Boca and have to travel for good food, but no mention of Foodshack, Pizzeria Oceano nor Cafe Boulud.  They all use local products and are extremely cutting edge for this area.   Please, Dada, Max's Harvest and Miracle Berries, what credibility do all these writers have to offer?  This publication has lost it all!!


Thanks for the recommendations! We love that. There are definitely some great restaurants that were not covered this year, but we were focusing on specific dishes. We are greatly interested in local and sustainable products. Obviously, we have some differences in opinion, but we appreciate the feedback. Next time, we'll be sure to take a closer look at the places you just mentioned.

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