Cheesy Mount Rushmore in West Palm Beach for Fourth of July

cheese mount rushmore.jpg
Troy Landwher via Facebook
Troy Landwher will carve Mount Rushmore from cheese for the city of West Palm Beach.
If you can't get to South Dakota to watch the fireworks over Mount Rushmore tomorrow, we've got a cheesier (and closer) alternative for you.

Come to West Palm Beach City Hall to watch famed cheese sculptor Troy Landwher turn a 640-pound block of mild Wisconsin cheddar into Mount Rushmore.

The city has commissioned Landwher to cut carve the cheese in the likeness of our greatest presidents as part of its Independence Day celebrations. Landwher will start the project today, and it's scheduled to take him all day and into tomorrow.

When complete, the giant cheese sculpture, titled, "My Country 'Tis of Cheese" (no, we didn't make that up) will be wheeled to the Lake Pavilion on Flagler so the presidents won't miss the fireworks show (and so you can get a photo op with the cheese).

The public is invited to watch Landwher carve at City Hall today and to visit the sculpture tomorrow, where there will also be interactive cheese games, a Harley display by the Enforcers MC club, and a "say cheese" photo op.

In the past, Landwher has been commissioned by several fairs and corporations to make cheese sculptures. Some of his creations include the Pope, the Statue of Liberty, a recreation of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and some kissing fish.

After the festivities, the cheese sculpture will be donated to the Lord's Place, a local homeless shelter, where it will be turned from art back into food.

Watch Troy carve the Statue of Liberty out of 1,200 pounds of cheese in this time-lapse video:

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Daneen Roth
Daneen Roth

Wallace and Grommit would love this!

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