Best Ice Cream Food Trucks in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

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Photo by Alexandria Creencia via Creative Commons
Catch 'em if you can!
Summer means sweating in mysterious places, sticking to leather furniture, and/ or coaxing an A/C that is woefully in need of repair. Back in the day, ice cream trucks offered a brief reprieve from the sweltering heat, selling everything from snow cones to soft-serve. Today frosty favorites like Bubble Play and Creamsicles have been punched up with the help from a few creative, local ice dream trucks and carts.

Photo by Misha Grosvenor
Joji Yogurt lights up the night at Fort Lauderdale's recent Night Owl Market.
1. Joji Yogurt
Cool Factors: South Florida's newest food truck, Joji Yogurt, has its fans mesmerized with a tricked out, glow-in-the-dark self-serve yogurt truck. The truck, owned by Betty Stendik and Ivan Breger, dishes out fat-free yogurt and sorbet and always has offers a sugar-free option. The truck uses real, fat-free yogurt and fat-free milk for their products unlike many competitors who opt for using powdered yogurt. Joji's most popular flavor is the signature purple Orchid Vanilla Almond yogurt.

Top your sweet treat with over 28 creative toppings including wasabi pea dust, Pop Rocks, macaroon crunch and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. If you're looking for a fat-full option, Joji pops may be more your speed. These uniquely flavored pops made with frozen yogurt and cake have a special surprise inside -- a chocolate Joji girl. Pop flavors include pancakes and bacon, German chocolate cake, and Key Lime pie.

Catch 'Em Here: The Joji Yogurt truck is at the Cleveland Clinic Farmer's Market in Weston every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., July 15 Food Truck Wars in Altamonte Springs (in case you are in central Florida this weekend), Margate Gourmet Food Truck Expo July 21, and the Florida Tattoo Expo at the Coral Springs Marriott August 10-12.

2. Feverish
Cool Factors: Refreshing flavors like a tamarind-spiked Arnold Palmer, chocolate-banana sea salt, and the popular strawberry mojito (see the 1 minute how -to video above) is the hallmark of Feverish. The Miami-based, social media-savvy company reaches out to loyal followers to find out what flavors they crave. Feverish also custom-creates flavors for special events and weddings like their Mango Bourbon pop which they created for a Maker's Mark event (surely my invitation was lost in the mail).

Feverish skips the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, opting instead for locally grown natural and organic ingredients. Unlike mass-produced pops, which sometimes contain gelatin, Feverish pops are vegan-friendly and use agave or cane sugar to sweeten their cool confections.

In addition to being creative, Feverish is also socially responsible. For each popsicle they sell, a portion is donated to charity -- to a youth entrepreneurship program that helps kids sell ice cream pops and popsicles, thus reducing the high youth unemployment rate in Broward county.

Catch 'em Here: The Feverish team is up to its eyeballs in private events but you can still get your hands on these tasty pops by visiting the local stores and carts that carry their foods.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Frostie Flavors Kiosk at Beach Place
  • West Palm Beach: Curbside Gourmet Food Truck, Cruzan Amphitheater
  • Miami: Panther Coffee-Wynwood District

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Lol at owners going to this article to demand their businesses be on the list.

Misha Grosvenor
Misha Grosvenor

Sounds great! There are a lot of awesome ice cream vendors out there and not enough space to write about them. There are so many passionate owners out there that are so inspiring. Thanks for adding to the list.


Where is Dolci Peccati Gelato? Who has unique flavors like sweet corn & cheese & rotates their selction? Super sweet owners & great pops & shakes?


Where is Zombie Ice? Great choices, but not a true list if Zombie Ice is not there.

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