Stéphane's Mixologist Melvin Negron on Building a Better Drink Menu

Melvin Negron
Boca Raton's new restaurant and lounge, Stéphane's, won't be open until at least July, but we got the bartender, Melvin Negron, talking.

In a modern lounge with a French-American menu, this place needs an equally all-star cocktail list. Negron says he got the inspiration behind his drinks after meeting Stéphane's owner, Stephane Lang-Willar. Together they created a drink menu that includes molecular martinis and nitrogen-based cocktails.

One such offering is the Brunette Molecular Martini, made from two ounces of Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
, one ounce of Kahlua
, and an ounce of Frangelico. Combine, shake, strain, and add a teaspoon of Godiva White Chocolate Pearls to float on top.

"I would not necessarily pair an alcoholic 
drink with food, but I would strongly recommend the Brunette as a before- or after-dinner drink," Negron says. 

Negron took a foray into mixing drinks in 2001 at the South Beach Bartending School. He says his favorite drinks to make are Liquid Nitrogen Martinis, if only to see the expression on customers' faces when receiving a below-zero martini. 

So what's the best thing a customer has ever said to him? "I used to work at a resort, and a guest once told me, 'Melvin, we can go anywhere in the world on vacation, but we choose this place because of you.' I'm sure Florida's weather had some influence in their decision also, but it was one of those comments that makes you love your job."

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Stephane's - CLOSED

2006 NW Executive Center Cir, Boca Raton, FL

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Melvin has a special way of taking care of his guests. His professionalism, amazing attitude and the ability to make a great drink will definitely want to make you come back and see him. Best of luck to you!!


Wishing him the best- from his family in puerto Rico. Bartender runs in the family.Believe me they make excellent drinks.I hope - that we will get to see him and taste his drinks one of these days.


Mr. Negron is the best bartender I had the pleasure of both working with and being served by. I look forward to Stephane's opening.

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