No. 18: Mango Sticky Rice From Coco Asian Bistro

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Photo by Eric Barton

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No. 18: Mango Sticky Rice From Coco Asian Bistro
In Thailand, moms don't make Jello for the kids, they make mango sticky rice. It's almost as easy. Soak sticky rice overnight before steaming it. Then mix it with coconut milk, sugar, and a bit of salt. Add mango. At Coco Asian Bistro, it goes only slightly more upscale. The ingredients are the same, but the sushi-style presentation is a stunner, with quenelles of  sticky rice topped with fresh chunks of mango. It's a comforting dessert, so much so you'll imagine mom handing you a bowl of it when you get home from school. So much better than Jello. 

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Location Info

Coco Asian Bistro & Bar

1841 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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