For National Flip Flop Day: Free Smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Café

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Tropical Smoothie Café
Friday is National Flip Flop Day - get a free smoothie!
Yes, we know. There's a holiday for everything.  But don't you want to celebrate National Flip Flop Day? 

This Friday, June 15, we want you to walk into the law firm or bank you work at wearing your favorite pair of Havaianas and tell your boss that  Clean Plate Charlie said it was OK for your feet to get some much-needed freedom!

To celebrate the day, Tropical Smoothie Café is offering a free 24 ounce Jetty Punch to anyone who strolls in from 2 to 7 p.m. wearing flip-flops. 

The Jetty Punch, by the way, is the hotsy-totsy name for the café's signature strawberry banana smoothie.
If National Flip Flop Day seems too much like a holiday made up by Jimmy Buffett, you're half right. The holiday was created six years ago by Tropical Smoothie Café to help raise money for its national charity partner, Camp Sunshine. 

Camp Sunshine
is a retreat located in Maine where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are invited to spend a week playing and enjoying activities. Each week is dedicated to families battling a different illness, such as leukemia, cancer, and organ transplant. Families attend Camp Sunshine for free, and the camp is run mostly by health-care professionals who volunteer their time. 

The average cost of sending a family to camp for a week is $2,000, and to this date, Tropical Smoothie Café has raised more than $1 million.

Tropical Smoothie Café customers can donate to Camp Sunshine in person at any of their locations or online. Click here to find a Tropical Smoothie Café near you.
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