Japanese Beer Mug Gives Good Head

Here's a full schematic on how the mug works. Anyone read Japanese?
We interrupt our coverage of restaurant openings and food reviews to share with you the most awesome invention of all time. 

OK - so it's not going to solve the world's famine problem or end wars. It will, however, give itself a good head!  Got your attention?  Because we're talking about beer.

This stein is designed to pump up the volume, so to speak. Just pour your beer into the Jokki Hour mug (on sale here for $22.50), press the button on the handle and watch the beer give itself a creamy head!

Don't believe us?  Watch this amazingly silly commercial that seems like it's straight from Saturday Night Live. We don't know about you, but we're ordering a set in time for barbeque season.  We'll give you the rundown on whether it works when we get our hands on them!

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