Chef Chris Paul Stirring Up 51 Supper Club

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Going out with a big group can be tough. One person wants Mexican-style grub, while another is looking for Chinese. Too bad there isn't one place that offers it all.

Oh right, there is.

51 Supper Club recently revamped its menu with the help of one of the few American fusion chefs in Florida, Chris Paul, giving you just about any type of food all in one sitting.

And with the menu change came the overall name switch to Chef Chris Paul's 51 Supper Club Lounge.

"One of my favorite parts of our menu is that the food represents the fusion of our surroundings," says Paul. "The décor 
combines a vintage feeling with a modern flair, classic and contemporary. Our American fusion cuisine combines different cultures -- for instance, Italian and Caribbean, Greek and Asian -- and tastes -- like spicy and sweet. We are fusing food and art, and diners will see that throughout their experience."

Paul explains that the new menu is for "the adventurous and educated palates" but that not all diners need to have only sophisticated tastes. Anyone who enjoys the act of eating can find something on the menu that will be able to satisfy his or her appetite, including keeping those  Italian lovers happy while also feeding into those with a craving for Caribbean.

In addition to giving his diners a unique menu, Paul also adds that he is quite the wine and food pairing connoisseur -- helping customers pick out the appropriate wine for their tasting travels, which coincides with his goal of bringing to "the palate the taste of the world in every sense."

For reservations, call 561-622-3500, or visit

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51 Supper Club

11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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I tried this some of the food on the new menu and it is AMAZING!!!!! it goes well with one of the most beautiful places with the coolest vibe in all of South Florida

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