Boulud Sud's Palm Beach Pop-Up: A Sneak Peek (Photos)

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 Boulud Terrace.jpg
Photo Courtesy of the Brazilian Court
Picture it now. You're sitting on the terrace, overlooking a perfectly manicured courtyard, glass of rosé in hand. Your server just brought out a beautiful platter of octopus à la plancha. A soft  breeze softly sweeps overhead. You feel as though you are fully absorbing the flavors of the Mediterranean. Hate to burst your bubble, but you haven't left south Florida.

From Monday July 2nd through September 2nd, Cafe Boulud at the Brazilian Court will be offering a south Florida version of Daniel Boulud's newest concept Boulud Sud. The à la carte menu will be available seven days a week from 5:30 to 10:00pm, alongside the traditional fare of Café Boulud. For more information check out our previous piece here.

"The inspiration for this concept stemmed from Daniel's time working in the south of France. Much of the cuisine around the Mediterranean takes the same sort of ingredients and uses them in very different ways. He wanted this concept to highlight the different preparation of those ingredients," says executive chef Jim Leikan. While the concept and basic recipes stem directly from Boulud, he encourages his chefs to explore the ingredients and cuisine.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a media preview on Thursday night and sample some of the dishes. Check out some photos of food after the jump.
octopus a la plancha.jpg
Octopus À La Plancha

cedar grilled rouget.jpg
Sample of Swordfish À La Plancha and Cedar Grilled Rouget

boulud sud lamb.jpg
Harissa Grilled Lamb Loin

boulud sud dessert sample.jpg
A sample of desserts prepared by executive pastry chef Arnaud Chavigny. From top-left: Apricot-Star Anise Crème Brulée, Mint-Chocolate Pavé, Grapefuit Givré.

leikan boulud_2.jpg
Executive Chef Jim Leiken with Daniel Boulud

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Cafe Boulud

301 Australian Ave., Palm Beach, FL

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