Stout Irish Pub in Oakland Park Adds a Bit of Irish on Andrews Avenue

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Stout Irish Pub
Those leprechauns are sure lucky fellows. With all those rainbows, pots of gold, and fun-to-impersonate Irish accents, who wouldn't want to be one? However, you don't have to be a leprechaun, or even Irish, for that matter, to check out the new Stout Irish Pub. 

On Andrews Avenue in Oakland Park, you can't miss its megabeer sign standing tall beside a swaying palm tree. When I stepped inside the dimly lit pub joint, my eyes were immediately drawn to the expansive bar on the right, with hidden booths and tables spread in various corners. All the way down past the long glimmering bar with high-def TVs strategically placed along the brick walls, you'll notice more high-top black tables with matching chairs and an old-school jukebox 
 that guests tend to surround. 

To the left, a massive dining area supported several sunken-in booths and high-top tables, with natural light beaming in from the many windows displaying the road outside. Most of the after-work crowd sat ordering beers at the bar. 

Beer is by far the focal point in the drink department. Stout drafts include Guinness, Newcastle, and Affligem Blonde, alongside bottled beers like Magic Hat #9 and Rouge Dead Guy. While beer is the word, the bar also offers wines, and drinks are a buck off during happy hour.

Stout Irish Pub

The menu consists of standard bar food with the likes of corn beef and Swiss and beer-battered onion rings. Overall, most items are relatively inexpensive. The cheapest item on the menu is the grilled chicken quesadillas ($6) with salsa, sour cream, and jalapeños, along with the four-cheese and tomato flatbread sandwich ($6). The most expensive plate is the 14-ounce New York strip steak ($23) with baked potato and fresh vegetables. We opted to start with the grilled chicken wings that were jerk-baked and grilled with a side of barbecue sauce for dipping ($9).
Stout Irish Pub

For entrées, we ordered the ten-ounce fresh-ground sirloin burger ($10) topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheddar, and beer-battered fish and chips ($10), with malt vinegar and cream of tartar on the side.
Stout Irish Pub

Stout Irish Pub is divided into a large dining area and an equally big bar, but we say ideally the bar is the area to be in. Of course if you're looking for a quiet, more intimate surrounding, you might want to make your way to the dining room, where you'll sit comfortably in a large booth. Since most of the guests crowd inside the bar, you'll have all the cozy and quiet time you need, sitting separately from civilization. 

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Stout Irish Pub

3419 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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So, you ordered food.  Did you eat it?  How was it?  I'm pretty sure I know what beer tastes like, and which brew I'd order, and why.  But were the fish 'n' chips greasy?  Well cooked?  Were the wings good?  Bad?  The burger cooked to order, loosely packed, juicy?  Was the meat-to-bun ratio adequate?  Fries okay?  

How can you review a restaurant without saying anything about the food other than reiterating what the menu says about the food?

Erin Lee
Erin Lee

Furthermore, this review of an IRISH PUB includes wings and burgers...with fish n' chips as an after thought. 

Do they have scotch eggs? bangers and mash? Shepherds pie? 

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