Scenes From Roy Villacrusis and Lindsay Autry's Pop-Up (Photos)

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All photos courtesy of Roy Villacrusis
Roy Villacrusis and Lindsay Autry hosted a two-night pop-up.
If you missed last weekend's Sunday Supper/Monday's Leftovers pop-up at Chef Corp Cook's Studio in Palm Beach Gardens, you missed some good food prepared by Roy Villacrusis and Lindsay Autry

Villacrusis told Clean Plate Charlie that the secret of the meals was teamwork and honest ingredients. "We had some great ingredients to work with, and I think we were able to capture that on the plate. We wanted to show a collaboration on the plates instead of the usual 'one chef makes dish one and the other makes dish two' multichef dinners."

If you missed out, we've got some photos that captured the evening. Look out for chef Villacrusis to pop up  on the Treasure Coast and Boca Raton before his five-month sushi pop-up opens in West Palm Beach.

No word yet from Autry on any upcoming pop-ups, but Clean Plate Charlie will keep you posted when any new dinners are announced.
popup briefing.jpg
Chefs Autry and Villacrusis doing an introduction to the pop-up.

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Finishing touches on the meal.

popup roasted bone marrow.jpg
Roasted bone marrow with braised beef cheeks and pickled beets.

popup chiffon.jpg
Poppyseed chiffon cake with Meyer lemon curd and torched meringue.

popup poached egg.jpg
Poached PBC eggs with pork belly rillette, served with Swank Farms frissee and celery salad.

popup autry villacrusis.jpg
Two chefs... one great meal.

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Met Lindsay & Roy at Swank Table Farm Style Events & must say they are awesome!!!!! Lindsay if you read this ~ I am craving your blacy eye peas & quinoa!!!!!!!! Ate my take home for a week!!!!!!!!!!! 

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