Duffy's Takes Inspiration From SoBe Burger Bash With Meat-on-Meat Burger

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Photo provided by Duffy's
The meat-on-meat Rachel Burger. 
On his quest to crafting his latest featured burger, Duffy's Sports Grill Chef Eric Parker found inspiration at this year's South Beach Food and Wine Festival Burger Bash. Noticing a trend of meat-on-meat burgers, he decided to come up with his own hefty version.

The result: the Rachel Burger, packed with coleslaw on top of pastrami, Swiss cheese, and a burger, sitting inside a salt-crusted kimmelweck bun and doused with spicy  brown mustard.

The Rachel Burger ($11.99) will be served with a side of fries and will be available on the summer menu, which started Saturday.

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Duffy's Sports Grill

1804 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Erin Lee
Erin Lee

It's actually called kummelweck, not kimmelweck. Anyone know where you can buy these buns locally? It's a western/upstate New York thing, and I've never seen beef-on-weck down here. I'm Floridian, but my family is from NY.

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