With Lot Back to Bid, Riverside Market Sees a Brighter Fate

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The saga of Riverside Market continues. Last night, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission decided that the parking lot that had been awarded to taxi czar Jesse Gaddis would go back up for bid.

Riverside Market owner Julian Siegel is pleased, albeit guarded. "The only way the ruling is in my favor is that it was not awarded to the other side," he said. Another bid for nearly double the first listing means several months more of this go-round that will ultimately determine the fate of his restaurant.

That Siegel had the opportunity to protest the sale of the city-owned land next to his building was unusual, the result of a technicality: When the city placed the ad in newspapers for the date for sale of the land, the date was was incorrect.

When he followed up with city officials to express dismay over the sale of the land to Gaddis, he promptly received a letter and an email indicating that he would have the opportunity to make his case last month. More than 50 people showed up to support Riverside, dressed in yellow T-shirts that read "Save Riverside Market" and "Support Local Business."

Those who spoke on behalf of the restaurant said that it "increased property values" and that "you cannot put a price on what makes a community feel good."

Questions remain about how Siegel shall proceed in limbo, since he cannot obtain a liquor license until the parking situation has been resolved. Will he have to stop selling beer consumed on premise? Clean Plate Charlie will keep you updated as details unfold.

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The Gourmet Realtor
The Gourmet Realtor

While this will surely create a bidding war, Mr. Siegel should get some valuations of the surrounding properties with the advantage of a neighborhood specialty storefront/retail business vs. the values if this property were to be used as a garage lot, not too mention the enviornmental impact of his operation vs. another....just a thaught as I love the market and would hate to see iy lose its parking...amongst other things...

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