The Hog Restaurant in Pompano Beach: Barbecue That Doesn't Hide Behind the Sauce

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A bucket of ribs. Any questions?
A reader recently called Clean Plate Charlie's attention to the barbecue served at the Hog Restaurant in Pompano Beach, an independent joint that's been open for about six months. Since it's all about style when it comes to barbecue, we'll cut to the chase: Restaurant manager Alessandra Hall said the restaurant serves meat that is dry-rubbed. "We don't hide behind the sauce," she says, emphatically. "Sauce is on the table if people want it."

The Hog was born from backyard barbecues and has its culinary roots firmly entrenched in the Lone Star State. "All of the recipes are from Texas," Hall said.

The restaurant broadcasts NASCAR every Sunday, when patrons also can grab five domestic beers for $10. Other regular deals include a bucket of ribs for $9.99 every Monday, free food for kids on Wednesdays, and a happy hour Monday through Thursday with the same five-for-$10 domestic beer deal that's offered on Sunday.

"We've been doing pretty good," Hall said of the restaurant's pace. "It's been word-of-mouth."

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The Hog BBQ

147 S. Cypress Road, Pompano Beach, FL

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Sounds promising but a review would be nice. Dry rubbed meats get my attention.

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