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Five Sisters Bakery via Facebook
On April 20, some of South Florida's best-loved bakers will compete in the New Times Cupcake Battle at the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. These brave men and women will serve up thousands of cupcakes, vying for awards like Best Tasting, Best Decorated, and Fan Favorite. We thought you might like to know the players behind those taste little treats, so every day or so, we'll spotlight another one of the contestants.

David Muchnick named his Five Sisters Bakery after his five daughters. The girls, aged 4 to 20, are all actively involved with the business, with 20-year-old Nikki taking the lead as a full-time employee who specializes in sales and service.

The business has been in Muchnick's family for three generations and is devoted to creating and producing fresh, daily-made, healthy, artisan baked goods. Five Sisters Bakery specializes in flatbreads, breads, and breadsticks made with whole grains and no added sugar. The bakery sells many of its products to restaurants, country clubs, and retailers. The Muchnick family also sells directly at some local farmers' markets.

Though cupcakes aren't part of their normal product line, daughter Nikki saw a unique challenge in the upcoming Cupcake Challenge and convinced her dad to enter the competition.

The cupcake Five Sisters is entering is a take on a traditional Russian breakfast bread, a "kupcake" made from whole grain Russian raisin bread, topped with a cream cheese and Prosecco frosting (a non-Prosecco version will also be available). When asked about the competition, Muchnick said he's planning on having a wonderful family outing and enjoying the day. If the family wins, it will just make the day a little sweeter.

Five Sisters Bakery takes orders daily, starting at 3 a.m. For pricing and ordering information, call 954-701-3890 or visit their Facebook page.

To vote for Five Sisters Bakery (or any of the other cupcakes entered in our cupcake battle) at the New Times Cupcake Battle, come out to the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. You'll be able to sample all the cupcakes and vote in the fan-favorite category. Tickets cost $100 and are available here.
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