After Chow v. Chow, Will Las Olas See Philippe?

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Candace West
Stratis Morfogen,CEO of Philippe Chow, considers the verdict good fortune.
In the mixed verdict of Chow v. Chow last week, a jury awarded $1 million to Michael Chow of Mr. Chow in his claim against Philippe Chow yet cleared allegations against the restaurant group for 15 of 16 counts such as trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and misappropriation of trade secrets for its Miami Beach and L.A. locations.

Philippe Chow was ordered to pay $1 million for "false advertising" and "unfair competition by deceptive conduct."

The verdict was the result of a 2009 lawsuit in which Mr. Chow had sued Philippe Chow for $21 million, accusing Philippe Chow restaurants of stealing the name, recipes, and concept.

Former employee Philippe Chow moved from China to Hong Kong, then to New York by 1979, where he landed in the kitchen of Michael Chow. With a flagship location in London and another in New York, Mr. Chow was at times a stopover for A-listers. By 2005, Philippe Chow left Mr. Chow to open his own place employing a similar formula.

Philippe riffed on the mellowest Chinese standards -- won-ton soup, lobster spring rolls, and Peking duck dressed them up -- and upcharged what the dishes would cost in most of Chinatown.

The satay we had written about in New Times' October review was one of the "key matters in the suit," the recipe of which Michael Chow claims had been been stolen, along with recipes for 11 other dishes, reports the New York Observer in "How Now, Mr Chow?"

"If Michael Chow owns Peking duck, then my grandfather owns the Greek salad he brought here in 1905," CEO of Philippe Chow Stratis Morfogen told Clean Plate Charlie.

Philippe Chow countersued for $25 million for Michael Chow's defamation of Philippe Chow in a subsequent article in the Miami Herald. His counterclaims were rejected by the jury.

Following the verdict, both sides have declared victory in subsequent news releases. Philippe Chow restaurants have thrown parties throughout the week.

Morfogen frames the verdict in these terms: "I was tried for murder, and I got convicted of jaywalking. And if Michael Chow wants to call that a victory, you know what? The delusional world of Michael Chow continues," he told Clean Plate Charlie.

A spokesperson from Philippe Chow confirms that a Philippe Chow location is scheduled to open on Las Olas but could not yet confirm when.

Our calls to Mr. Chow's corporate offices have not been returned.

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