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Christina Mendenhall
Despite the name, bitters aren't necessarily bitter. Like an acid or a seasoning, bitters deliver a spike that adjusts the flavors in a cocktail. "Just a dash or two can bring a perfect balance to two seemingly incompatible spirits," writes Brad Thomas Parsons in his book on bitters. "A dash of bitters," writes Boozehound Jason Wilson, "will often bring complexity and balance to a sweet or fruity drink."

Conceived in the 19th century, Peychaud's is the original, the bitters used to season the Sazerac.It's sweeter and more floral than Angostura, the most common bitters on the market.

Though he also uses Peychaud's, Sean Iglehart of Sweetwater Bar and Grill drops Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas into his bacon-infused old fashioned.Jerry Thomas is both fruity and bitter, though the label offers selection with a range of characteristics.

What's in Iglehart's bacon old fashioned?

Christina Mendenhall
The cocktail is an elixir of bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, orange zest, and bitters, of course. Like most brown liquors-based cocktails, it's stirred, not shaken.

Christina Mendenhall
The bacon old fashioned is served over extra large ice and garnished with a twist.
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