Sought-After Squirrel; Arsenic and Old Rice; Obesity Holds Weight at Disney

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Habit Heroes Will Power and Callie Stenics have been forced into exile.
A trio of strange headlines to send your way at the day's end. Behold, Monday's food news.

The Economist reports that sales of squirrel meat have soared since it was introduced to North London grocery stores in 2010. Will the trend jump the pond?

With few regulations regarding arsenic in food, rice is the focus of concern. Brown rice syrup, a sugar substitute aimed at children, is the culprit, NPR reports.

No more Will Power and Callie Stenics. Lead Bottom and Snacker have won, for now. In Orlando, Epcot at Walt Disney World shuts down its childhood obesity exhibit, following complaints that it "reinforced stereotypes" and was insensitive. The exhibit had been open only since February.

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