Foxy Brown on Broward Boulevard Is Now Open

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Just over a month after opening G&B Oyster Bar, Eliot Wolfe and the company that helms Coconuts has transformed the interior of 723 E. Broward Blvd. and painted the building brown, in accordance with a new name: Foxy Brown.

The restaurant quietly opened for dinner last week, debuting a formula on Broward that the partners have test-driven on Seabreeze Boulevard: Serve accessible, interesting menu items made with fresh ingredients. Test-drive creativity with a handful of specials. And cater to people who live here. "This is where locals are going to go in peak season, like now," says Wolfe, acknowledging spring break crowds on A1A, closer to the beach. "We wanted to establish a presence on this side of town."

Foxy Brown is a riff on multiple meanings. It is a play on the 1974 blaxploitation film as well as the rapper who violated probation on a trip to South Florida in 2007, during which she was arrested for allegedly caused a scuffle in a Pembroke Pines beauty supply store. (She pleaded not guilty.)

The real inspiration is this, says Wolfe: Foxy Brown is named after his dog.

The other inspiration for the restaurant is the patty melt, the burger and Swiss with caramelized onions on marbled bread. Wolfe wanted to open the kind of place that would be a suitable environment for the sandwich and a milk shake. Or a beer.

"A patty melt and a milk shake is what I'd make for my son after school," says Wolfe.  "It is a tradition from my youth and reminds me of my father."

Foxy Brown embraces nostalgia with Eli's root beer from Maine on tap and snacks such as homemade pretzels served with pub cheese, grainy mustard, and ham spread. Clams, brats, and beer lean German, along with Mabel's chicken with homemade spatzle on the side. Deviled eggs, mac and cheese, fried green beans, and slaw play up the sides.

Desserts are midcentury suburban classics. In addition to milk shakes, Foxy Brown offers root-beer floats and shortcake with in-season berries.

In a departure from sister restaurants, Foxy Brown carries a larger selection of craft beers.
Lunch debuted today and brunch will begin this coming weekend.

Keep an eye on this space for updates on this newcomer. Will Foxy Brown spark a revival of this fallow stretch of town?

Foxy Brown
723 E. Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale

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The Foxy Brown

723 E. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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marble cleaning miami
marble cleaning miami

This is so sweeeeeet! I love it! Thanks for the tips and wow, what a nice start. It's getting better and much more exciting every single day!


Can you post the menu?


It most certainly is a patty melt. (: Thank you.


Now that St. Patrick's Day is over (St. Paddy's Day), can we agree that the sandwich discussed here is a 'patty melt?"


It's also Elliot Wolf, two Els and no 'e'. But it's only like her ninth article mentioning the guy, so no need to be nit-picky about it.


Thanks for your concern, Dennis, but it's one -l and and -e.


Ok. Stupidity is a choice. At least in your case. I guess he's just lying to the government on his corporate documents and you're right.

Dont be Barton. Wise up. Do some research and you won't appear as such a moron

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