Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Festival Announced for November 10 and 11

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flickr4jazz via Flickr Creative Commons

Sure, it's months away and the details are few and far between at this point, but the food-obsessed like to be able to plan out their calendars in advance. With that said, the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce confirmed on Tuesday that the city will play host to a new food event this fall. The first Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Festival is set for November 10 and 11 in downtown Delray.

The outdoor event will be free to attend, with food and drink available for purchase from the hand selected vendors. There are 200 spaces available and the event will aim to be an upscale al fresco food festival.

Clean Plate Charlie will share more details on the new food festival as they become available.

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Dan Castrillon
Dan Castrillon

I guess its official... This will ba an amazing event. Thanks to our Sponsors for jumping in early Boston's, Waste Management, Sundy House and Hydrosecure. I cant wait to see this one come to life. See you all there!!!

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