71. Crazy Handroll From Asia Bay Sushi Thai

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71. Crazy Hand Roll from Asia Bay Sushi Thai

Pork rinds are a common garnish with many a Southern dish. Chicken skin garners praise as a salad ingredient, taco stuffing, or added crunch. Salty, crisped-up animal skin, it seems, is having a moment. 

So when I saw a crazy hand roll at Asia Bay, I couldn't pass it up (though I'm usually not inclined to order dishes named crazy). Marinated eel, avocado, and scallions join salmon skin in this overstuffed cone. Like fish bacon, it's a savory bite to covet, perhaps worth an order on its own.  

Asia Bay Sushi Thai Bistro is helmed by Peter Hepp and owned by Josh Brill and family. With a sibling restaurant in Bay Harbor, the 2-year-old restaurant was inspired by a family's love of sushi and a growing enthusiasm for Thai. 

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Location Info

Asia Bay

1111 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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