Burrito Bros. in Jupiter a Favorite for Miami Marlins Outfielder Logan Morrison, Which Is News to Them

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Via Burrito Bros. Facebook -- used with permission
The not-so-secret-anymore hangout for athletes of the pro and not-so-pro variety.
This week's wildly entertaining/engrossing cover story on Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison doesn't exactly paint the portrait of a shrinking violet, but he obviously knows how to fly under the radar. Or at least he does when he's getting his daily fix at Burrito Bros., a "surfer joint in Jupiter."

When Clean Plate Charlie contacted the store to get the scoop on Morrison and his frequent dining companion/best friend, Marlins backup outfielder Bryan Peterson, neither the day or evening manager was aware that the health-conscious restaurant was a favored hangout for the pro players during spring training sessions in Jupiter.

"I'm excited to hear it," said Joey Piper, night manager for the taco/burrito shop.
Though Piper -- and day manager Monica Shearer -- said the restaurant was unaware that it was hosting Marlins players on a frequent basis, the spot is a popular choice for those looking to load up on lean protein.

"We get a lot of people coming in after the gym," Piper said, citing the menu's numerous high-protein options and focus on all-natural ingredients. "And the environment is sports-oriented."

If you want to follow in Morrison's footsteps, or at least his dining habits on the day the New Times met with him, go for Burrito Bros.' all-natural citrus chicken, available in a burrito, taco, burrito bowl, or salad for $6.95. Other items on the menu include chicken tortilla soup, vegetarian black bean soup, and the Burrito Bros. mac 'n' cheese.  

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Monica Vazquez Shearer
Monica Vazquez Shearer

We're so flattered to hear that we're a part of Miami Marlins players daily routine and we're thrilled to come across this article. Logan and Bryan, speak up next time your here and please bring us autographed pictures for us to put on the wall!!! :) Free drinks and cookies for any Miami Marlins players that come in,  looking forward to seeing more of you guys here at Burrito Bros!!Much Love :),  Burrito Bros

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