Burger King Eye Shadow: Coming Soon?

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​From the fashionable folks of the Netherlands comes Burger King eye shadow, first uncovered by Buzzfeed. Turn your look into a tribute to the burger with a steady hand and some serious color for a sesame bun lid; lettuce lashes; cheese, onion, and ketchup liner; with a "charbroiled" burger underneath, like a shiner. 

In this era of locavorism, we're wondering what restaurants in our towns should get the shadow treatment. We're nominating a rendition in whites, browns, and reds on the Primanti Bros. sandwich. Or a brown and yellow number for Jack's Hamburgers. Other options are a YOLO gray lid with a red YO on the left, and LO on the right. And a pizza theme inspired by Pasquale's in Coral Springs. Gives new meaning to "pizza face."

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Gives new meaning to the term, "That's eating pussy".

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