Aaron Merullo of PS561 Makes Us A Hot Dog

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Welcome to the How-To series, a periodic segment of photo essays that highlight the dishes and drinks area restaurants do well, who makes them, and how they do it. This week, we're focusing on food truck PS561.
Christina Mendenhall
Welcome to PS561, a school-themed food truck named for the Lake Worth area code in New York public school style. Manned by Aaron and Stephanie Merullo, the truck features a handful of flavor-packed hot dogs with whimsical names.

In its former life, the truck was vegan on wheels in Miami. "The couple used to be Hare Krishna," says Aaron. "They had some cool artwork inside the truck. So I left it. I thought it would be a good omen."

Aaron worked front of the house and in management at restaurants for ten years before splitting off to start his own business.

Christina Mendenhall
The Doug E Fresh starts with Sabrett dogs. "They're the best," says Aaron. "They're from New York and they're all beef with no additives."
Christina Mendenhall
A dog is dressed with bacon, cheddar, barbecue sauce, and onion before adding 561 sauce, the signature cilantro cream.
Christina Mendenhall

The finished product.
Christina Mendenhall
You can also keep it simple, like this kid.
Christina Mendenhall
Or you can give in to your A-D-D and go for the Crazy Art Teacher, with barbecue sauce, jalepenos, cheddar, and Fritos.
Christina Mendenhall
I'm inclined to order a sandwich on a sandwich next, whether it's the reuben or the banh mi dog.

Check out the rest of the slideshow here.

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Hi Aaron,   We loved reading about you and your dogs!!! When are you coming to Boston?? We would love to see you.  You look great and the dogs look delicious.  Love, Alice Cohen and Sue


Great quality dogs! Who let the dogs out....PS561! I loved the way the man in the truck was so professional with my kids.

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